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Feature update: product details are now displayed in units appropriate to your location once you've signed in. April 30, 2001
Speaking of travel... this is a ride. Other footage available here. [requires RealPlayer] April 28, 2001
Josh will be checking out the ICFF and visiting friends in NYC next month. Know of objects in the naked city that deserve special attention? Drop us a line. April 28, 2001
New objects, a new article, and it's Friday. Life is good. April 20, 2001
Merci bien pour les cliques et les claques! designobject gets high marks on April 13, 2001
We've been cited. Back at ya' Archinect. April 02, 2001
And now for something completely different: haut hat fashion. We have no idea how Roshi found this one... March 29, 2001
The first shipment is away! According to FedEx, tracking numbers should be active tomorrow. Thanks early adopters! March 22, 2001
Keep that bookmark handy! More outstanding objects and content coming VERY soon. March 21, 2001
Wow! We're already slammed! [15,000 hits within the first 2 hours of launch - Thanks Mike!] If you get a server error then it's because our server can't handle your love. We're working to counsel it; sorry for the temporary inconvenience. March 21, 2001
Thanks for waiting [a year]! The site is now live. Drop us a line and let us know what you think. March 20, 2001
Objects from the 2nd dimension? Download and enjoy the do_objects01 font that we use on our shipping labels and invoices. Postscript Type 1 format for Macintosh. March 20, 2001
Put nose prints on any windows lately? Tickled by something material? We'd like a hit of that. Shout your product suggestions. March 20, 2001