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Update: spankin' new: feature article (requires Flash 5) by Steph, Josh, and Aaron; objects by Dwell, Stiletto Design, and 20/21. August 27, 2001
Thanks for the href Experimental Magazine. August 27, 2001
Link: Aspiring flight controllers, get your real-time FAA Flow fix here. [thanks David] August 18, 2001
Link: New New Order. August 13, 2001
We've been quietly getting a slew of new objects prepared for launch. Recently posted: Stickle Book Shelf, Desk Graphic Calendar, and the excellent Between Two Points. If you're on our email list we'll be getting you the complete list very soon. August 11, 2001
Josh interviewed by Jarrett Kertesz on Reservocation. July 10, 2001
Feature update: gif animations of the VarioPacs in action. View the product page for the standard VarioPac or booklet VarioPac and click on the image to activate. July 07, 2001