Press Release 05/15/2001

Online Collection Targets Discerning Consumers
In Search of Innovative, Well-Designed Products
Burlingame, CA, May 15, 2001 - designobject, the definitive resource for innovative, high-concept design, launched its flagship Internet site today . The company offers an unsurpassed collection of independently produced, cheeky creations by national and international designers, artists and musicians.

designobject's website allows users to intelligently search for products according to designer, price, country, and use. The collection currently contains products such as: tech-survivor gear, independent music, European design posters [and tubular poster hangers], indestructible CD cases, high-style paper products and sleek home furnishings.

Far more than a typical e-commerce site, designobject will serve as a production and distribution resource for designers and retailers, providing content exchange and product development assistance. Some of the most prominent designers in the field are contributing production notes, experimental projects and essays to the site, inviting users to search the archives and distribute this content to their colleagues and friends.

"The huge increase in demand for well-designed products has afforded enormous opportunity for independent designers," says Joshua Distler, designobject's founder and creative director. He continues, "The Internet has made it attractive to market independently produced works to a more selective audience. designobject aims to turn up the volume for a young, design-savvy market that has been all but ignored by more commercial retailers. By empowering independent designers with a personalized communications tool, we have created an environment that closes the gap between the design community and the consumer, and helps to bring fringe voices into the mix."

Part of designobject's forward-thinking process consists of dismantling traditional barriers between "high" and "low" design culture. Concurrent with this philosophy, designobject's product line-up contains both pop-culture artifacts and limited edition artworks.

"Like my favorite stores here in New York, designobject is a recognized place of quality and forward-thinking aesthetic value," says New York-based musician, graphic designer and 12k music label owner, Taylor Deupree.

"We are collaborating with designobject because we approach design in very much the same way, i.e. breaking down the barriers between high design (expensive) and low design (affordable)." says Christopher Murphy, founder and curator of Fllt, an online publishing house specializing in experimental music, fine art, design and works of criticism in small, but affordable editions. "I like the fact that at designobject you find an inexpensive CD alongside a more expensive piece of furniture. What brings these things together - on the same platform - is the fact that they are well designed. designobject is carrying our latest CD release "Assembler" by the Australian musician Pimmon. This project will also offer Web-based remixes and downloadable audio-visuals," he said.

About designobject
designobject celebrates the impact design has on our lives by offering an online collection of smart, well-designed objects, printed matter and media. The designobject product line ranges from lifestyle accessories and furnishings to independent music, all produced by forward-looking designers in limited and small-run editions. designobject was founded in 1999 by Joshua Distler, an award-winning designer and entrepreneur. Recognizing that both independent producers and the larger design audience suffer from fragmentation, designobject is building community by creating a public, investigative forum for outstanding design, art and music.